The Gambia Red Cross Society in partnership with SolHEALTH & UB-ONE presents the

Community Health, COVID & Beyond Summit

Virtual Event • Fall 2020

Transforming the next decade of West Africa’s health, together.

The Community Health, COVID and Beyond Summit is a virtual conference on global health promotion and disease prevention amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Changemakers from around the world will be engaged in crucial discussions and success stories from The Gambia and elsewhere in addressing community health and development challenges in a COVID-19 world.

We’re excited about the potential this virtual experience has to bring us all together in completely new ways.

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Working together to solve The Gambia's most pressing problems through people, education, and design.

What topics will be covered?

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation

Primary Health Care

COVID-19 Response

Collaborative Partnerships

Who Should Attend?

Any organization, Government agency, development partner, NGO, or individual - from civil society, public, or private sector - who seeks to support African health care systems and community health.

Why Should I Attend?

Attendees of the Community Health, COVID and Beyond Summit will gain timely access to innovative, novel ways rural communities, like in the Gambia, are rising to the current challenges of the pandemic and doubling down on long-term efforts in health promotion and disease prevention.

Our 1-day virtual program will include several key components:


Experiences and success stories from leading practitioners in the field, leaving you with actionable takeaways to transform your organization.


Join speakers and other organizations for live discussions on lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and experiences in community healthcare.


Foster cross-sector collaboration and share successes, challenges, learning resources, and stories of inspiration.

Agenda coming soon!


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Who We Are

A Community of Health Leaders

Our vision is to reduce vulnerability and improve lives. The National Society has a long experience in working with communities in the areas of disaster risk reduction, disaster preparedness and respond, providing water and sanitation services as well as improving maternal and child health. The work of GRCS is guided by seven Fundamental Principles: Humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, universality and unity.

SolHEALTH is your partner in effective global health promotion and disease prevention. Our self-sustaining prevention and promotion interventions are crafted for the unique needs of each population we serve.

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Our vision is to spearhead and support ingenious projects and companies with vast, measurable and continual impact from our own unique position and build the necessary bridges and networks across national borders, generations, and industries.

Our Initiatives

What We’ve Achieved So Far

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Support Our Initiatives

Whether or not you attend the Summit, please consider supporting our initiatives. All funds received will directly help finance community health projects in the Gambia, like the ones above.

Keynote Speakers

Mam-Yassin Sarr

Mam-Yassin Sarr is the co-founder and director of Starfish International, a nonprofit organization in The Gambia that seeks to advance humanity by providing girls with an advanced education focused on service to humanity.

Mam-Yassin is dedicated to exposing young people to the best resources to be change-makers and thought leaders. The hope is that as change-makers, these students can start young and make an immediate impact in their communities. By expressing their self-agency through small businesses, service projects, and the use of their voices for advocacy, these girls work to mitigate or even fix the societal issues affecting them and their communities. This is the work and the purpose Mam-Yassin believes she was created to do.

Tassilo Küpper

Tassilo Küpper founder and managing director of the UB-ONE Foundation.

Founded in 2016, UB-ONE is an independent, private and non-profit foundation, which is both operational and grant-giving, based in Berlin, Germany.

Tassilo Küpper is also the co-founder of Carbon Biotech AG since 2017. He developed the social enterprise model of Carbon Biotech and operates as its COO. Carbon Biotech AG is a German sustainability and socially oriented biotechnology enterprise. They are dedicated to mitigating climate change with biotechnology.

Dr. David Rutstein

Dr. Rutstein is a senior health executive, public health expert and clinician. In the course of a 36-year career, he created and led innovative clinical, administrative, management, emergency response and executive level teams and organizations. Most recently, he founded SolHEALTH, a non-profit organization working to promote health and prevent disease in diverse populations globally. Prior to SolHEALTH, Dr. Rutstein was the Vice President for Medical Affairs for United Family Healthcare in China. A retired Rear Admiral in the United States Public Health Service, he served as the Deputy Surgeon General of the United States until 2011. David Rutstein is currently the Secretary-General of the Bahá’í International Community

Dr. Michael O'Leary

Michael O’Leary has a 35-year international career in public health and infectious disease epidemiology, primarily in East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands. As a medical doctor (internal medicine) with a Masters in Public Health, and a graduate of US CDC’s two-year Epidemic Intelligence Service, he had 20 years experience with the World Health Organization, including as the WHO Representative in China (2009-2013) and Cambodia (2005-2009), and 23 years with the US Public Health Service. Originally from Minnesota in the USA, he now resides in Hanoi, Vietnam, where he is Senior Infectious Diseases Advisor in the USAID Global Health Security Program. He also holds an adjunct faculty post at Thammasat University Faculty of Public Health in Bangkok, Thailand. He is the Executive Director of SolHEALTH since 2019.